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Professor Devin entered the beauty supply industry with very little experience. He decided to open his own store and this led to the opening of two more beauty supply stores within 18 months. He now travels the country teaching others how to get into the beauty supply industry and be successful at it. This book sold almost 25,000 units within its first few months of release with very little marketing, proving that there is a high demand for this issue to be resolved by giving specific instructions on how to get into the beauty supply store business.

This book is very detailed in how to establish your very own beauty supply store. In covers a wide range of information that totally empowers the reader and future entrepreneur. Here is the layout of the book:

Chapter One – Understanding the Industry
Chapter Two - Planning
Chapter Three - Determining Your Market Selection
Chapter Four - Establishing Your Niche
Chapter Five - Becoming a Legal Entity
Chapter Six - Budgeting
Chapter Seven - Selecting a Location
Chapter Eight - Setting Up Your Store
Chapter Nine - Laying the Foundation for Operations
Chapter Ten - Pricing to Sell, Selling to Price
Chapter Eleven - Getting Your Staff
Chapter Twelve - We are Here to Serve
Chapter Thirteen - Putting Your Team in Place
Chapter Fourteen - The Inventory
Chapter Fifteen - Finance Management
Chapter Sixteen - Final Words
Appendix - Top 15 Reasons to Support a Business in Your Community

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