Your book appears to be the best breakthrough and resource for folks trying to get into the beauty business...

Michael Baisden
Syndicated Radio Host.
Let me just commend your organization on your promptness. It's sad that you have to be skeptical of purchasing online from your own people. However, I was very pleased with the the turnaround time for receiving my packet in the mail. I am absolutely pumped up to read my book and watch the videos that I received. Furthermore, I am once again, truly satisfied with your customer service. I am proud to be a follower of this revolution.

Cynthia L. Haynes
The Beauty Supply System was very informative and to the point. The vendors descriptions was also a key point for me, someone who like things in layman terms. I enjoyed my online course it hit on fine tune details.

I have passed your site on to many friends in the hair industry also and they have been talking about it on a regular and hopefully become an fan as I did. I will be contacting your business again in plans of having my beauty supply store up and running by August. I've also been back to your site and seen you have added new services that will be of great use to me. Thanks for introducing me to your Beauty Supply System.

Kai Moolenaar
I could not imagine attempting to open a beauty supply without this training. This course was so detailed and provided information that definitely helped me to avoid mistakes that I thought never considered.
This course is a Godsend! Thanks for changing my life.

Lewisville, Texas

I just wanted to let you know that I was unable to get a lease space for my store, due to lack of business experience, until I produced my diploma from the Beginner's Course. The landlord stated, "He's familiar with your teachings." Thereby granting me a 3 year lease. If it wasn't for the work this institute does, I would never been given the opportunity. Thank you so much for being a professional institute and providing opportunities for us...

Germantown, Tennessee

I'm well on my way now! This program is awesome and will recommend to others. Thanks for giving us a head start, because this industry is so detailed that there is no way that I would be able to learn the business without guidance.

I just received and read the book you sent today. I have not even listened to the CD's yet. The information is worth more than I paid for. Thank you again and continued blessings and prosperity to you.

Tia Singleton
I recently purchased your information on How to Become a Successful Beauty Supply Store Owner. It was absolutely amazing I could not believe what I was reading, yet now it all made sense to me. About 1o years ago I was in a Beauty supply store and I asked the gentleman behind the counter what did he have to do to open his store. His reply was very vague, so I continued to press for more answers and he could not refuse since I was making a large purchase. I asked if he needed to be a licensed beautician? or attend some type of beauty curriculum that I was unaware of? Finally he gave me an answer, he replied, yes I had to attend school for many years and also obtain a beauty license. His answers made the path that I must travel to open a store seem harder than getting a new law passed with Congress. Now in your book I find out in the first 10-15 pages that this is not true, infact far from the truth. (and NO I was not paid to say this I have never met the professor in person...) Keep up the great work!!!


Without the information researched by Professor Robinson, I would be still searching for information on how to open a beauty supply store. He has given us answers and short cuts that normally require a considerable amount to time and research. When a person is serious about doing something, they will be willing to work harder and sacrifice more to enjoy the end results.



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